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100% FINANCING The loan option that helps realtors and builders seal more deals in the high end marketplace.

What is it?
A conventional loan that enables qualified buyers to obtain 100% financing up to $1 million without any down payment, secondary financing or private mortgage insurance.

Why this product?
No other loan option is so ideally suited for high-end buyers who lack the financial liquidity to put down the 10-20% down payment that most jumbo mortgages require.

What are its other benefits?

  • Seller concessions – contributions by sellers of homes to defray buyers’ closing costs – as high as 6% of the home price.
  • Closing costs, up to 3% of the sale price, may come from a gift.
  • Funding fee of 1.75% can be financed into the loan, up to a maximum of 101.75% LTV.

Why now?
The 100% financing program is an especially timely solution to the “tight money” dilemma which has prevented local realtors and builders in recent years from selling as many luxury homes, and earning the profit margins they’d like.

Who qualifies?
All Department of Defense active duty, retired, reserve, National Guard, civilian and on-base contractor personnel and their families. That works out to potential eligibility for 12 million persons nationwide.

Who offers it?
Navy Federal Credit Union.